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Our History

Before founding PHYTunes, Jisung Oh was one of the initial 5G engineers at Samsung Electronics in South Korea in 2012. When Samsung launched its first wireless access product in 2018, Jisung discovered that the 5G signal encountered problems when attempting to penetrate walls or heavy foliage. 5G signals need a line of sight between the receiver and the cell tower. Even seasonal anomalies where heavy foliage appears in the Summer could hamper service.

Mr. Oh left Samsung soon thereafter and moved to the United States where he worked at ASSIA, a broadband and Wi-Fi performance monitoring and optimization software company, where he served as an advisor to the board and vice president of engineering. It was at ASSIA that Mr. Oh began experimenting with transmitting 5G signals over existing wireline and cellular technologies. It was here that the rest of the team met and came together to spin-off the research and form PHYTunes.