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Edge Connectivity for the Home and Enterprise

Physical and natural barriers are difficult for high-frequency spectrum bands to penetrate. These high-frequency signals lose power causing performance degradation. High-frequency signals include 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and future 6G services. While these frequency bands can deliver ultra-low latency and higher bandwidth for advanced applications, they also lose significant signal strength going through physical barriers including glass, wood and concrete, and environmental barriers like foliage and trees.


PHYTunes products are designed to support a universe of possibilities by delivering the full connectivity experience inside beyond barriers and without limits.


Neptune Full 5g™ Edge Device

PHYTunes’ Neptune Full 5G™ edge device captures and delivers a 5G signal in the home or business. Talk, text and access high-bandwidth applications and services anywhere in inside. No more standing by a window or having to switch networks. Get the same full 5G experience anywhere and everywhere. Simply plug the edge device into the wall. No additional wiring or programming.

Saturn Full Wi-Fi™ Edge Device

PHYTunes’ Saturn Full Wi-Fi™ edge device captures and delivers a Wi-Fi 6 signal in the home or business distributing high-bandwidth connectivity beyond walls or barriers without expensive repeaters and extenders. Stream high-bandwidth services and entertainment anywhere and everywhere inside. Simply plug the edge device into the wall. No additional wiring or programming.

PHYTunes is also developing industrial-grade enterprise devices for IoT and large business applications.

Our products are currently in development and will not be generally available to the public until Q4 2022. However, independent laboratory testing of our products is essential for PHYTunes to build a roadmap for engineering and customer requirements.

PHYTunes has developed a testing platform and proof-of-concept. We invite engineering and research labs across the globe to contact PHYTunes and schedule a testing and evaluation window with our engineering team. If you represent a telecom or technology lab, and are interested in scheduling a window for testing a PHYTunes product, fill out the form below for consideration.


PHYTunes Lab Evaluation

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