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Uniquely Positioned to Solve a Critical Problem in a Billion-Dollar Growth Market

More than eighty percent of all mobile and wireless traffic globally originates or terminates inside a building. PHYTunes is uniquely positioned to solve a critical problem by delivering in-building connectivity without limits., including a patent-pending suite of technologies and a seasoned and experienced leadership team.

The global market for 5G small cells and in-building access alone is expected to grow from USD 528 million in 2019 to USD 3.5 billion by 2025, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 37.1%, according to a study by ComServe, Inc.

Working with telecommunication carriers, service providers, property managers and market leaders in government, healthcare, industrial IOT and retail, we are making high-speed, high-band connectivity inside possible and are aligned to capture significant market share.

PHYTunes closed its seed round of $1.5 million with investors September 30, 2021.

Amy Coveny | Managing Partner at Quake Capital

“As a leading venture capital firm with a focus on early-stage companies and emerging markets, we recognize the high-growth potential of 5G and enabling technologies in industrial IoT, healthcare and artificial intelligence. But a critical barrier to scaling 5G to support next-generation applications is overcoming the limitations inside residential and commercial buildings. As the lead investor of this round, we are proud to support a company that is solving this critical problem. PHYTunes has assembled a strong management team and has the vision and strategy to become a leader in the 5G ecosystem.”

Asra Nadeem | Chief Executive Officer of Draper University

“Draper University Ventures invest in start-up companies that are committed to innovation and changing the world. 5G promises to drive innovation in the next stage of high-frequency wireless connectivity within the industrial manufacturing, retail, gaming and retail fields but faces slow adoption due to connectivity barriers within buildings and urban dense areas. A problem, Jisung and his team at PHYTunes have solved through their innovative approach. Draper University Ventures are proud to welcome them as one of our portfolio companies and look forward to working with them as they advance their vision for a network without limits.”

Florian Steger | Managing Director at Deutsche Telekom hub:raum Fund

“DT’s hubraum is honored and excited to accompany the great team of PHYTunes on their journey to revolutionize indoor connectivity. PHYTunes’ unique approach can be a game changer in the adoption of 5G to become truly ubiquitous. We are looking forward to support PHYTunes with the extensive resources of DT and T-Mobile to develop their technology into a product that will drastically improve the experience of our customers.”

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