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Public Cloud Providers

Gartner® predicts that ”by 2025, more than 50% of enterprise-managed data will be created and processed outside the data center or cloud.”

This will happen as Public Cloud Providers (PCPs) deploy Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) and edge cloud to various market segments such as manufacturing, retail, health and many other industries needing low latency access to content, storage and computing power. Low latency and high throughput requirements of many IT applications are pushing enterprises to be more distributed and expand to the edge.

According to Gartner®, Edge computing tackles a growing demand to address lower latency, process the growing amount of data on the edge, and support resilience to network disconnection.

PHYTunes’ 5G and Wi-Fi technology provide valuable opportunities for PCPs to tap into new revenue-generating opportunities by integrating their edge cloud with high speeds, low latency 5G, and Wi-Fi 6/7 networks at the edge and inside enterprise buildings.

Using PHYTunes 5G powered by Neptune/Triton connectivity, PCPs can offer edge cloud-computing capabilities and an IT service environment to enterprises with lower latency. CBRS will provide PCPs with additional opportunities to expand their edge connectivity by building private 5G networks and integrate them with their MEC and Edge cloud, creating new service opportunities and revenue streams.