Vision Paper

With 80% of mobile traffic generated around and inside buildings, In-Building wireless 5G and Wi-Fi networks will be the driving force to deliver ultrahigh bandwidth content with low latency to the user while enabling the client data to be acquired and processed at the periphery of the network, as close to the originating source as possible.

Driving Forces

  • 5G millimeter-wave, allowing speeds in excess of 1Gbps.
  • Wi-Fi 7 has demonstrated maximum speeds of 30Gbps — more than eight times that of Wi-Fi 5.
  • CBRS provides the opportunity for building private 5G networks and offloading Macro Tower traffic to build End-To-End private 5G Networks.
  • Ultrahigh-speed 5G and Wi-Fi networks inside buildings in concert with Edge cloud and Multi Edge Computing will enable unique applications and services running at the edge, closer to where it is needed.


  • High-frequency signals used by 5G, Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7 lose significant signal strength going through physical barriers including glass, wood and concrete.
  • The loss of signal strength creates excessive latency, resulting in significant performance degradation inside of buildings and poor user Quality of Experience (QoE).
  • New technology solutions such as mesh Wi-Fi and 5G Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) provide solutions to mitigate issues. However, neither address the problem at the source.
  • The source of Wi-Fi and 5G signal degradation is the physical layer where the signal attenuation happened. However, the current solutions focus at the higher layer, including network optimizations.

PHYTunes Technology Advantage

  • PHYTunes has developed a patent-pending breakthrough technology that can efficiently deliver multiplexed wireless spatial streams and control channels over existing building wires, utilizing an intermediate frequency (IF) band. This effectively extends the range of wireless signals around the barriers that limit propagation of high-frequency signals, thereby enabling lower latency, higher efficiency, lower power consumption, and an improved user Quality of Experience as a result.
  • Novel and patented technology carries 5G and new Wi-Fi ultrahigh-frequency signals through building walls and around inside barriers with minimum loss.
  • PHYTunes uses a low cost and highly scalable, simple design utilizing the existing building wiring systems and replacing expensive and process intensive Wi-Fi and Cellular Access Points with simple low-cost RF tuners.
  • PHYTunes understands the value proposition of delivering high speed 5G and Wi-Fi signals to mobile users inside buildings. We are working with leading service providers and private network builders around the world to enhance performance of these technologies in  homes and businesses. With wireless wireline convergence at the edge, we can bring the network closer to the customer — and solve the in-building connectivity problem — thereby enabling the full potential of 5G and Wi-Fi.

PHYTunes Technology Enablement

  • Building a cost effective and ultra secure End-to-End Private 5G network utilizing CBRS as a key enabler of the growth of 5G service for business and consumers.
  • Integrating 5G, CBRS and Wi-Fi Technology with Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) to create low latency mobile access to the edge computational resources, utilizing maximum signal strength of high frequency 5G and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Wireline Wireless Integration (WWI) at the edge of the building and inside, allowing the offload of a large volume of cellular traffic from the capacity-challenged Macro Towers and enabling ultra secured mobile networks with major cost savings for carriers, public sectors and enterprises.

PHYTunes Uses Existing Interior Wiring

Twisted Pair | Fiber | Ethernet | Coax