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5G has poor indoor coverage where 85% of mobile traffic occurs. Our technology uses the existing wireline to transport signal indoors, providing the best user experience.


5G Signals do not Propagate Well Inside Buildings



PHYTunes Solution: Distribute 5G Using Existing Cables


How it Works

PHYTunes’ patented technology enables transporting 5G signals over a building’s existing wireline cables — such as ethernet, coaxial, and fiber — and delivering them wirelessly to a user’s device. It is a single-wire bi-directional transmission technology which aggregates and packetizes incoming 5G signals, time-burst modulates the signal to travel over a single wire in the Intermediate Frequency (IF) band, and upconverts the IF to the original 5G radio signal at the RF tuner located at the other end of the wire. This Wireline Wireless Integration (WWI) provides major cost savings and much greater network security.

This 5G signal goes around disruptive barriers and travels to the rooms inside a building, allowing high received signal strength at the user device and thereby significantly enhancing user experience by delivering on the promise of high bandwidth 5G communications. PHYTunes understands the value proposition of delivering high speed 5G and Wi-Fi signals to mobile users inside buildings. We are working with leading service providers and private network builders around the world to enhance performance of these technologies in homes and businesses.


The PHYTunes Advantage

PHYTunes’ 5G product provides the following benefits compared to the existing indoor solutions such as DAS, small cells, and repeaters:

  • 10x+ less expensive than alternative DAS and small cell solutions
  • Eco-friendly solution reusing existing wirelines
  • Higher utilization and reuse of valuable spectrum
  • Significant performance improvements over repeaters
  • Higher security due to signal containment in wirelines
  • Battery saving due to the shorter distance between the RF unit and the user device