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5G Video

Public Sector

As the deployment of 5G and new Wi-Fi technologies (Wi-Fi 6 and 7) are ramped up, their potential benefit to the Public Sector (PS) will be immense. Bringing 5G signal inside buildings — with minimum loss — and deploying Wi-Fi 6 and 7 to create high speed and low latency in-building wireless networks will be a big part of the multiyear journey for Public Sector digital transformation. The biggest challenge ahead of this journey would be cyber security. Primarily, the security measures will need to be addressed at the physical or  connectivity layers of in-building wireless networks, ahead of higher layer network security addressed by firewalls, VPNs and Demilitarized Zones (DMZs).

PHYTunes in-building 5G and Wi-Fi solutions address all PS security concerns at the connectivity layer. By using building wires (Coax, Ethernet and Fiber) to go around building walls and barriers, they will enable delivery of 5G and Wi-Fi signal in PS buildings with maximum strength. Moreover, providing signal containment will lower hacking and security risks. Without a need for a high-power signal to reach users, PHYTunes Atlases and Tritons deliver wireless signals at a very low power, eliminating potential interference and detection by hackers. Some example of PS opportunities with PHYTunes solution are:

  • Private ETE 5G Networks — Utilizing CBRS integrated with PHYTunes 5G solution, Public Sector can build an End-To-End private ultra-secure 5G network, connecting Public Sector’s various locations and offloading 5G traffic from public carrier macro antennas while delivering data and content (voice, video) at the highest speed to users inside public buildings.
  • Cloud-based IT Service Environment at the Network Edge — By integrating Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) and edge cloud with PHYTunes in-building 5G and Wi-Fi Technology, Public Sector will have access  to content, storage  and computing power close to where it is needed — using a low latency access and WLAN networks.
  • Smart Cities — PHYTunes provides an ideal connectivity platform to enable efficient operations capabilities by building a low cost and scalable municipal IoT. PHYTunes 5G and Wi-Fi technology will deliver wireless signals at maximum power to various municipal and government buildings. Sensors and video cameras will be able to collect data for AI-based predictive analytics to serve many civic purposes, such as helping traffic flow smoothly.