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5G Video

Public Sector

As the deployment of 5G and emerging Wi-Fi technologies like Wi-Fi 6 and 7 gains momentum, the potential benefits for the Public Sector (PS) are vast. Bringing 5G signals inside buildings with minimal loss and deploying Wi-Fi 6 and 7 to establish high-speed, low-latency in-building wireless networks will play a crucial role in the multiyear journey towards Public Sector digital transformation. However, the foremost challenge in this endeavor is cybersecurity, particularly at the physical and connectivity layers of in-building wireless networks, preceding higher-layer network security measures like firewalls, VPNs, and Demilitarized Zones (DMZs).

PHYTunes’ in-building 5G and Wi-Fi solutions effectively address all security concerns of the Public Sector at the Physical connectivity layer. Leveraging both existing and new in-building wiring infrastructure such as Coax, Ethernet, and Fiber, these solutions navigate around building walls and barriers to deliver 5G and Wi-Fi signals within PS buildings with maximum strength. Furthermore, implementing signal containment significantly reduces hacking and security risks.

PHYTunes’ Atlases and Tritons are capable of delivering wireless signals at exceptionally low power, mitigating potential interference and detection by hackers. Some notable opportunities for the Public Sector with PHYTunes’ solutions include:

    1. 1. Private 5G Networks: By integrating CBRS with PHYTunes’ 5G solution, the Public Sector can establish ultra-secure private 5G networks, connecting various locations and offloading 5G traffic from public carrier macro antennas. This enables the delivery of data and content (voice, video) at optimal speeds to users within public buildings.
    2. 2. Cloud-based IT Service Environment at the Network Edge: Integrating Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) and edge cloud with PHYTunes’ in-building 5G and Wi-Fi technology provides the Public Sector with access to content, storage, and computing power in close proximity to where it’s needed, utilizing low-latency access and WLAN networks.
    3. 3. Smart Cities: PHYTunes offers an ideal connectivity platform to enable efficient operational capabilities by establishing a low-cost and scalable municipal IoT. Through PHYTunes’ 5G and Wi-Fi technology, wireless signals are delivered at maximum power to various municipal and government buildings. This facilitates the collection of data by sensors and video cameras for AI-based predictive analytics, serving various civic purposes such as optimizing traffic flow.