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(Factories, Warehouses, Garages)

PHYTunes’ Indoor 5G and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity offers a super low-latency, high throughput WLAN platform tailored for various industrial settings such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and public garages. This technology can be deployed independently to provide indoor connectivity or integrated with partner capabilities to establish a comprehensive WLAN connectivity ecosystem.

Industrial IoT (IIoT) faces several challenges, including scalability, cybersecurity, and the cost of deployment and expansion. Scalability requires ensuring consistent performance even as the number of users or machines increases significantly, without degradation over larger geographic areas. Cybersecurity is a concern due to the vulnerability of Access Points (APs) spread over vast areas, making them susceptible to hacking. Additionally, the cost-effectiveness of deploying additional connectivity systems must be considered to justify new investments.

PHYTunes’ 5G and Wi-Fi solutions offer compelling value propositions for IIoT by addressing these challenges. Leveraging building wires (Coax, Ethernet, and Fiber), PHYTunes technology enables wireless signals to travel most of the distance from the router to the AP node, reducing hacking risks. The use of low-power signals from PHYTunes Atlas minimizes interference and detection by hackers, eliminating the need for high-power signals.

With simple access points like Atlas and Triton RF tuners that require no inter-nodal routing, installation and scalability are straightforward. This deployment strategy, coupled with building wire utilization, significantly reduces deployment costs. In essence, PHYTunes’ 5G and Wi-Fi products offer a cost-effective, low-latency, and highly scalable Wireless LAN solution for IIoT applications.

For factories and manufacturing use cases, PHYTunes solutions offer:

  • Low latency, seamless connectivity with maximum throughput and no interruptions
  • Future-proof technology allowing upgrades with minimal cost and effort
  • Comprehensive indoor wireless connectivity for all operations, including IoT, Autonomous Moving Robots (AMR), and remote operations
  • Support for edge computing and AI/ML applications
  • Provides an Ecosystem to attract potential partners to create cost-effective solutions
  • Support for edge computing and AI/ML applications
  • An ecosystem to attract potential partners for creating cost-effective solutions
  • Migration of selected functionality to the cloud for software-centric indoor connectivity services

For garages, PHYTunes solutions provide wireless connectivity for IoT sensor data collection, Smart Parking systems, and connectivity for Autonomous Cars Operations.