Vision Paper

Industrial IOT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will enable the interconnectivity of sensors and instruments for industrial applications allowing manufacturers to collect both analog and digital data in a fusion platform for insight and intelligence.

At PHYTunes, we bring 5G and IIoT environments together in a reliable way where walls and environmental factors cannot hinder high-frequency signal propagation. The PHYTunes solution for “full 5G inside” offers higher security for data through wireless wireline convergence.

Manufacturing relies on data-intensive applications, higher speeds and low latency for automation, robotics, augmented reality and artificial intelligence. 5G enables scalability. These smart factories are at the center of Industry 4.0 and the new revolution in manufacturing.

In-building connectivity in warehouses, manufacturing plants and logistics operations centers is critical to delivering the benefits of 5G the Industry 4.0’s industrial applications.