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Residential MDUs

Multi-Dwelling Units — or MDUs — are a housing classification where multiple separate housing units are contained within one building or several buildings in a campus or complex. MDUs include apartments and condominiums, but they may also include mixed-use facilities and campus environments.

With 5G and Wi-Fi 6/7 technologies, MDUs will have great opportunities to offer their residents the true experience of smart homes with state-of-the-art connectivity and improved security and control. The PHYTunes connectivity solution inside buildings enables MDU residents to enjoy the full power of 5G inside their residence, while PHYTunes Wi-Fi solutions enable them to experience the interference-free and full bandwidth of emerging Wi-Fi 6, 6e, and 7 for gaming, streaming, and delay-sensitive OTTs.

The integration of PHYTunes 5G technology and the emergence of Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) enables MDUs to build private 5G networks around and inside their buildings, utilizing 5G-enabled high-speed data without the need to be in a clear line-of-site of a cell Macro Tower. There is no need to worry about a 5G millimeter wave penetration issue. Instead, existing inside wires (regardless of type and age) will be leveraged to allow 5G signals to penetrate buildings and Wi-Fi signals to go around in-building obstacles such as walls, barriers, and radio interference to reach users at maximum strength. The result would be a smarter, energy-efficient MDU that offers its residents a superior connectivity experience.