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Multi-Dwelling Units

Multi-dwelling units — or MDUs — are a housing classification where multiple separate housing units are contained within one building or several buildings in a campus or complex. MDUs include apartments and condominiums, but also may include mixed-use facilities and campus environments.

With 5G and Wi-Fi 6/7 technologies, MDUs will have great opportunities to offer their residents the true experience of smart homes with state-of-the-art connectivity and improved security and control. The PHYTunes connectivity solution inside buildings enables MDU residents to enjoy the full power of 5G inside their residence, while PHYTunes Wi-Fi solutions enables them to experience the interference-free and full bandwidth of emerging Wi-Fi 6, 6e and 7 for gaming, streaming and delay-sensitive OTTs.

The integration of PHYTunes 5G technology and emergence of Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) enables MDUs to build private 5G networks around and inside their buildings, utilizing 5G-enabled high speed data without the need to be in a clear line-of-site of a cell Macro Tower. There is no need to worry about a 5G millimeter wave penetration issue. Instead, existing inside wires (regardless of their type and age) will be leveraged to allow 5G signal to penetrate buildings and Wi-Fi signal to go around in-building obstacles such as walls, barriers and radio interference in order to reach users at maximum strength. The result would be a smarter, energy efficient MDU that offers its residents a superior connectivity experience.