Vision Paper

Multi-Dwelling Units

Multi-dwelling units or MDUs is a housing classification where multiple separate housing units are contained within one building or several buildings in a campus or complex. MDUs include apartments and condominiums, but also may include mixed-use facilities and campus environments.

Residential real estate designers and property developers have integrated new broadband products, including fiber, to increase their competitive advantage and offer more advanced services to their tenants. However, with the advent of 5G, expectations for faster connectivity and lower latency have become an even more critical requirement of tenants that are stay-at-home workers and must use their phone as a primary source of income. The Covid-19 pandemic taught us the value of high-speed connections and bandwidth – with multiple family members working from home, online schooling, and an increase in gaming and entertainment through streaming services – the connected home has become bandwidth-constrained.

In addition, most new MDUs are still utilizing old copper broadband infrastructure rather than new fiber-based systems. With economic pressures, many property developers are wary of investing in new broadband infrastructure.

Wireless wireline convergence is a lower-cost solution for property developers seeking to deliver connectivity to residents and establish a competitive market advantage.