Vision Paper


Digital healthcare promises to reshape our relationship with healthcare providers and the hospital enabling new services and an opportunity to redefine the doctor-patient relationship. In-building connectivity is an important tool to enable next-generation applications and services like telemedicine and digital surgery.

The design and architecture of hospitals typically requires enhanced building materials and construction techniques that can create massive barriers to wireless communication. Hospital design is setup to provide security, safety and privacy – not connectivity.

Telemedicine has benefited from advancements in wireline infrastructure and broadband networks. But new IoT devices require wireless connectivity. While augmented reality (AR) and IoT are already being used in healthcare in limited applications, full 5G inside will allow for more complex simulations and alternative methods of care. Doctors and nurses can monitor patients and gather data utilizing IoT and mobile applications at the home and hospital to improve preventive care and make healthcare more personal.

PHYTunes 5G and Wi-Fi solutions can enhance the patient experience while increasing efficiencies and productivity. Wi-Fi in common areas enables visitors to check e-mail, texts and social media, and 5G-enabled IoT solutions in areas that are more secure, can leverage the PHYTunes solutions for mission critical events like radiology imaging sharing and remote surgery.