Vision Paper
5G Video


Digital healthcare promises to reshape our relationship with healthcare providers and the hospital, enabling new services and an opportunity to redefine the doctor-patient relationship. In-building high throughput and low latency connectivity is an important tool to enable evolving health applications and services like telemedicine and digital surgery. Health care buildings, labs, and hospitals have been built with enhanced building materials and construction techniques to ensure, safety, security and the privacy of patients and healthcare providers. This architecture can create massive barriers to wireless communication that will have a severe impact on user Quality of Experience with low-speed Wi-Fi and weak 5G signals. Furthermore, the existence of medical equipment and numerous existing Wi-Fi system can also create major interference and further weakening of the wireless signals.

PHYTunes technology will enable the delivery of 5G and Wi-Fi signal at the highest possible speed by moving around hospital and healthcare building barriers, allowing further development of telemedicine, IoT for remote equipment control, AR/VR for simulated surgery and alternative methods of care. Doctors and nurses can monitor patients and gather data utilizing IoT and mobile applications at the home and hospital to improve preventive care and make healthcare more personal.

The PHYTunes 5G and Wi-Fi solutions can enhance the patient experience while increasing efficiencies and productivity. Wi-Fi in common areas enables visitors to check e-mail, texts and social media, while 5G-enabled IoT solutions in areas that are more secure can leverage the PHYTunes solutions for mission-critical events like radiology, imaging, sharing and remote surgery.