Vision Paper
5G Video


Hospitals pose unique challenges for achieving reliable wireless coverage due to equipment interference and material obstructions that significantly impact signal propagation. In these critical environments, maintaining seamless connectivity is essential, as medical monitoring equipment must seamlessly transition between rooms, and doctors rely on video conferencing to communicate with patients. Furthermore, hospitals have stringent requirements for both Wi-Fi and cellular networks to ensure robust security measures.

Typically, hospitals encounter several challenges:

  • Physically demanding environments with thick walls and barriers
  • A high volume of wireless client devices
  • Disruptions in roaming due to moving stations and equipment
  • Interference from numerous medical devices

To address these challenges, PHYTunes leverages indoor wiring infrastructure and low-cost, low-power access points to deliver wireless signals closer to users. This innovative approach provides cost-effective indoor wireless connectivity using Wi-Fi and 5G, either separately or in a combined architecture. By utilizing existing wiring systems, PHYTunes ensures uninterrupted coverage essential for hospital operations, facilitating seamless patient monitoring and the movement of healthcare stations.

The integration of 5G and Wi-Fi in the access layer, along with a unified 5G core for both signals, streamlines user authentication processes and enables smooth transitions between 5G and Wi-Fi networks. Saturn Wi-Fi Solution, in particular, offers unmatched coverage, providing up to 8 times more coverage per access point at the lowest cost per square foot in the industry, making it ideal for hospital implementations.