Vision Paper


Service providers and mobile operators are deploying 5G services to meet demand for next-generation applications and services for both consumers and businesses. Service providers recognize that 5G and other high-frequency network services will greatly enhance the customer experience fostering brand loyalty and trust.

Wireless Wireline Convergence (WWC) makes the first attempt at converging two disparate access and core networks – mobile and wireline. WWC enables enhanced QoS, Capex and Opex savings and overall operational efficiency gains by sharing assets and applications centrally, hence benefiting users regardless of their connection method.

The converged network further enables efficient data transmission for all services (IoT, Video, voice, data) through network visualization and network slicing atop a 5G services-based architecture. The converged 5G core utilizing both wireline and wireless access further enables rapid introduction of new services in a costly and timely manner.

PHYTunes is working with service providers and telecom carriers globally to help them extend their value proposition inside homes and businesses and create new business models and revenue streams for growth.