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(MNOs, Micro MNOs, Private Network Providers)

PHYTunes collaborates with large telcos, MNOs, and Private Network Providers globally to assist them in leveraging the capabilities of 5G and the latest Wi-Fi technologies. This partnership aims to introduce new services and enhance their value proposition within residential and commercial settings, thereby fostering the creation of innovative business models and revenue streams for growth.

The high-speed nature of 5G and the advent of Wi-Fi standards such as Wi-Fi 6 and 7 promise to deliver low latency and improved throughput, which are essential for supporting delay-sensitive applications like gaming, live streaming, the metaverse, and AR/VR. This low latency and high throughput enable service providers to utilize Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) to move content and computing capabilities closer to end-users, thereby monetizing their investment in connectivity through various means such as content aggregation and differentiated service offerings.

PHYTunes technology enables the convergence of wireline and wireless (WWC) infrastructure at both the network’s edge and within buildings. At the network edge, the existing broadband access network carries the 5G signal, offloading 5G traffic from macro towers into building interiors, providing a cost-effective, low-latency, and high-throughput alternative to Distributed Antenna Systems.
Inside buildings, PHYTunes utilizes existing building wiring to deliver 5G and Wi-Fi signals to users with minimal loss, resulting in a high-quality User Experience (QoE).

The convergence of Wi-Fi and 5G at the backbone access level presents opportunities for telecom service providers to substantially reduce their cost-of-service delivery while enhancing content delivery and introducing new revenue-generating services, thus improving the overall customer experience.
Applications such as robotics, AR/VR, remote surgery, and self-driving vehicles will benefit from access to a fast and high-quality hybrid WLAN powered by both 5G and Wi-Fi technologies.

At the radio level within buildings, PHYTunes offers a range of Wi-Fi and 5G products. The Saturn/Atlas Wi-Fi system delivers Wi-Fi signals closer to users using existing building wires, ensuring non-disruptive roaming and low-cost, low-power radio tuners. The Neptune/Triton system enables customers to receive a full-strength 5G signal inside buildings with minimal power loss. In the future, PHYTunes plans to deliver both 5G and Wi-Fi signals inside buildings using a single device called Gemini.

PHYTunes partners with broadband access and 5G core providers to establish converged in-building WLAN connectivity based on 5G and Wi-Fi, eliminating redundancies and offering a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) along with superior performance in terms of low latency, non-disruptive roaming, and differentiated services. The converged network enables capabilities such as automatic authentication of Wi-Fi customers using 5G core and cellular credentials and extending 5G slicing into the Wi-Fi user area to offer differentiated services.