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Watch this episode of Deutsche Telekom’s “Showing Up” which highlights PHYTunes’ solution and partnership with DT and Hubraum.

Bringing Full, High-Frequency Cellular and Wi-Fi Inside

At PHYTunes we are passionate about helping people realize the potential of next-generation wireless technologies inside of buildings. 5G and Wi-Fi 6 offer compelling advantages in bandwidth, latency, and scalability, but the poor propagation of signals indoors can make the experience frustrating. The advent of Open RAN standards, cloud-based edge networks, and cloud-based 5G cores is creating the opportunity for PHYTunes to change the way connectivity is serviced, from the edge to the inside of buildings where 80% of mobile traffic is generated. Our breakthrough technology takes advantage of existing and new cabling to deliver wireless signals directly to where the end-users are present, thereby providing a dramatic reduction in cost, a major improvement in end-user experience, higher security and a reduced environmental impact.


We empower Private Network solution providers and businesses to deliver extraordinary customer experiences through connectivity.



We help enterprises dramatically improve productivity and security enabling IoT solutions and the digital transformation of their business.



We deliver mission-critical connectivity enabling services innovation in markets such as gaming, healthcare, hospitality, industrial IoT and retail.

Wireless technologies such as 5G and Wi-Fi 6 are critical to innovation and the transformation of our economy.

But physical and natural barriers are difficult for high-frequency spectrum bands to penetrate. These high-frequency spectrums lose signal strength creating latency and performance degradation. If 5G and Wi-Fi 6 is going to deliver on the promise of digital transformation of the enterprise and entertainment, the connectivity issue inside buildings must be addressed.

Numerous markets will benefit from high-frequency connectivity. Accelerated demand for next-generation applications is being driven by market innovation in 5G and Wi-Fi 6 services.


Delivering customer satisfaction and retention through the full 5G experience


Building robust, secure and reliable private 5G networks and in-building Wireless LANs to address a critical need for their client operations


Integrating Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) with PHYTunes technology to enable a low latency access to content, storage and computing power for their clients


Empowering home workers and creating value for property owners


Scalability and productivity through industrial automation and Industry 4.0


Enhancing the shopper experience through augmented reality


Redefining the doctor-patient relationship through digital imaging and telemedicine


Using PHYTunes in-building 5G and Wi-Fi solutions to address Public Sector secured networking needs for their mobile workforce


Immersive gaming, streaming content, A/R, V/R experiences for the Metaverse

5G/6G and WiFi6 connectivity require higher frequencies to deliver high-bandwidth and low-latency services. High-frequency signals do not propagate well inside of buildings. Our products are designed to solve this problem while delivering service providers a competitive advantage and home users an easy, eco-friendly, cost-effective solution to a better mobile broadband experience.



The PHYTunes Knowledge Center is a portal to news, information and insight on trends fueling the adoption of high-frequency, high-bandwidth solutions and services for the home and enterprise.

I’m happy to be PHYTunes Chair and am excited about PHYTunes technological innovation to drive much lower deployment cost, lower power, and lower latency 5G into homes and buildings

Dr. John Cioffi