Vision Paper
5G Video

Private Network Providers

A highly secure, reliable and high-speed private 5G network will meet the connectivity requirements of industries and the public sector. End-to-End private 5G networks will provide an opportunity for private network providers to take advantage of CBRS free spectrum to offer End-to-End (ETE) 5G private networks to industries, hospitals, retail, and public sector organizations. PHYTunes technology solutions for in-building 5G and Wi-Fi will enable private network providers to build robust, secure and reliable connectivity for everything that is critical to their client operations — from people and machines to sensors and analytics.

Using PHYTunes 5G technology with Neptune and Triton, private network providers will be able to build End-to-End private 5G networks while taking the 5G signal inside buildings with minimum loss and latency. For most mission-critical commercial and public sector applications, the PHYTunes 5G solution is the secure and most cost-effective, compared with the existing solutions such as DAS. The PHYTunes solution value preposition will include:

  • An in-building connectivity solution capable of delivering 5G and Wi-Fi signals in commercial and industrial buildings with their challenging radio conditions such as inference and hacking threats
  • A low latency and high throughput solution, providing superior coverage with minimum signal loss
  • A simple and scalable solution with low cost/coverage ratio to deploy new or augment existing in-building wireless networks